Since I installed CM14.1 on my OP3, many things have changed.
Cyanogen shut down all services and LineageOS development started.

Today I wanted to get a refresh on my system, so I tried to flash the new LineageOS Nightly build, but I got into some problems.


First of all I installed the latest TWRP recovery available here.

Then I tried to install the latest nightly build from the Lineage OS official page, but I got always an error like:

Error-Message: assert failed: oppo.verify_trustzone(“TZ.BF.4.0.1-85373”) == “1”

Updater process ended with ERROR: 7

After some googling and 1 hour spent trying different solutions I got to the right solution:

  1. install original Oxygen 4.0.3 image for OP3 from site
  2. reboot and load OxygenOS (without doing all the first configuration process)
  3. reboot again to recovery
  4. install LineageOS image
  5. install GApps for 7.1.1
  6. reboot and woila!

Now I can run LineageOS on my OnePlus3 whithout any issue!

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